Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coordinator's Corner: Quiet Time?

Okay, so now that I am a mom of 2, I will confess that finding that special time alone with God is really difficult. Nap times overlap with feeding times and awake times, then it my time for projects or to sit and veg (I'm one of those who thinks that's important, too. . . sometimes you just really need to sit and stare at the the comedic dialogue between the friends on How I met your mother or watch the "I'm really in love with you, but I am to proud to admit it" dialogue between Bones and Booth as they solve murders together. . . it really helps my brain relax, i don't know about you).

Anyways, as much as a fan of t.v. and hobbies as I am, I think that it is FAR more important to spend time with God. I tried the whole read the Bible with your child sitting with you, but I found that to be hard to focus (it's hard to focus when your toddler would rather pull the soft, thin pages out of your Bible, right?). I am NOT a morning person, so morning devos just don't seem to work when my body is up, but my brain isn't. So, I have found that finding an awesome Bible Study to work on in the evenings, after my to-do list has things crossed off of it, the kids are in bed for the night, and there's not much else to think about. I get way more out of my Bible Studies during this time.

But, I just found a blog that I have fallen in love with! She blogs about homeschooling preschoolers, scrapbooking, and her relationship with God. The other day, she posted this and it has encouraged me in the area of creatively getting some "quiet time" into my day. I hope she encourages you. . .

go here to read the post.

Now, here are some of my favorite Bible Studies for quiet times (some even work great with small groups if you want to gather some ladies for some accountability this summer).

These are all great, because they are so encouraging, and made just for you. . . a woman! They also are deep, and make you think. Each one has given me so much! Right now, I am working through the Joshua study and am getting so much from it. . . I get so excited when I get to learn more!

How do you get your time with God in? Do you struggle in this area, too (or is it just me?)?

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