Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MOPS busy pack swap

Okay ladies,

I am super excited that there has been such a quick response for this swap.  I know we will all enjoy it!
Here is our SWAP team.  As I am typing this, we have room for one more spot, so plan for 15 total packs.

1.  Jolie Klassen
2.  Stephanie Mikow - foam letters or shapes activity
3.  Katie Valorosi - color matching w/ paint chips
4.  Kiley Taunton - I spy bottles
5. Leticia Torres
6. Heather Fenton
7.  Stephanie Carter
8.  Lisa Schmidt - Popsicle stick puzzle
9.  Amy Charles
10.  Cori Schmidt - lacing straws & buttons
11. Dorina Gilmore
12.  Carrie Minturn - number matching circle
13. Marcy Pusey - no sew felt fish game
14.  Stacy Morrow
15.  Leslie Isch

Remember you are making 15 of the same item. . . . and in the end you will have 15 different items.  Check out the previous post for the official information.  Pinterest has lots of ideas.  Also, don't spend a ton of money on these. . . but make them durable.  If you need to laminate, do so (it's cheap) and will make them last so much longer than if you didn't.  If you have any questions find me on Facebook or send me an email (jolieklassen@gmail.com).

But, most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'd like to make felt-fish fishing sets :) http://unsolicitedadvice-n-such.blogspot.com/2011/06/easy-felt-fish.html

  2. I was thinking of doing colored macaroni with string to make a necklace. If this is too much like Cori's bag then I can choose another. Let me know what you think. Leslie Isch