Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moms Night out at Craftopia: Moms nurture their creative souls

This past Thursday a group of mamas from our group gathered at Craftopia Craft Studio in Fresno for a night of crafting, relaxing and dessert. We have been discussing on our Facebook group different ways we as mamas can "restore our souls." When you spend your day wiping booties, asking your daughter to pick up her clothes again or your son for the fifth time to brush his teeth, cooking and washing dishes, driving your taxi to and from sports practices, it's easy to grow weary. We as mamas need to tap into the place where we can find restorative rest. For some of us, it's in connecting and doing something creative.

Some mamas like Stephanie Ganzenhuber (top photo) and Cori Schmidt (above) joined us for a time to breathe and get their craft on. Stephanie made that beautiful burlap-wrapped letter. Cori tackled this pillow as a gift for her mom. Can you make me one too, Cori? {Insert best whiny voice here}

Laura Lyman also worked on a pillow that said, "Walk Humbly with our God." A great reminder for the weary mama. We enjoyed catching up with Laura, who hasn't been to MOPS for a while.

 Kristi Allen made this beautiful "prayer pillow." We laughed, shared ideas about parenting and sympathized with each other.


Zavian was the only boy in the house for this Moms Night Out.  He buried his little head in the Craftopia green couch and snoozed while mama crafted away to her heart's content.

While Zavian slept, Bergann Hernandez made this fun burlap-wrapped letter H with red felt roses. Bergann has been our Crafts Coordinator in years past.

Our Creator God created each of us with a desire to create! A special thanks to Kirsten Gould, owner of Craftopia and crafter extraordinaire, for following her dreams to open Craftopia and providing a space for us mamas. To learn more about Craftopia, check out their web site or find Craftopia Craft Studio on Facebook.

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